Collection: Public Space

Video Vault: “What Lifts You”

Say goodbye to Kelsey Montague’s public art project with a video about the artist’s process and the impact of social media on her work.

Three Centuries on the Bayou: An Interview with Cassie Pruyn

Benjamin Morris speaks to author and poet Cassie Pruyn about the many histories of Bayou St. John.

Storytelling in the Streets: An Interview with Candy Chang

Nick Stillman talks with artist Candy Chang about public engagement, the importance of place, and her new mural project.

Make Me Over

Journalist Esther Honig creates a new digital project for Pelican Bomb.

Going Viral: Losing Control and Your Job

Journalist Esther Honig discusses what she learned from the experience of going viral.

GPOY: On Museums, Selfies, and the Self

Charlie Tatum reflects on the use of camera phones to make sense of art and museum spaces.

That Rococo Feeling: Joie de Vivre

Laurence Ross reflects on “A Louisiana Parlor” at the New Orleans Museum of Art and the sensations of the Rococo.

Reformation: Public Art and the Philadelphia School Closures

Meredith Sellers looks at artist Pepón Osorio’s newest installation in Philadelphia.

The Space Between: Ken Lum and a Case of Mistaken Identity

Emily Wilkerson shares an artist’s discovery and its implications for how we view history.

Monuments of Acknowledging

Amy Mackie discusses alternative, artist-driven strategies within the debate to remove controversial monuments in New Orleans.

We Got Our Own: Creating ARTS.BLACK

Jessica Lynne talks about making a home for black art critics online.

We Were Here: Melinda Rose at Scott Edwards Gallery

Brooke Schueller reviews “Of the Rising Tide - A Photo Essay on the Vanishing Bayou Community of Isle de Jean Charles,” an exhibition of photographs by Melinda Rose.

Due Process: The Legacy of Sylvia Roberts at Tulane University

Benjamin Morris discovers the archives of Louisiana lawyer Sylvia Roberts.

Right of Refusal: “#ReHumanize, for Albert Woodfox” at UNO St. Claude Gallery

Lydia Y. Nichols reflects on an exhibition by Jackie Sumell and Devin Reynolds and the concept of humanity.

Editor’s Letter: Making Room

Our Executive Director and Founding Editor, Cameron Shaw, introduces our series on power and public space in the digital age.