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Sharing our stories. Each week, Pelican Bomb publishes exhibition reviews, features, interviews, and more, engaging with artists, ideas, and artworks in our city. And in conjunction with our own exhibitions and public projects, our in-depth thematic series explore different topics through a range of critical perspectives.

Everything You Love

· By Phlegm

Phlegm shares a new video affirming the presence of black native New Orleanians in their own city.

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After Us: Hannah Chalew at Grow Dat Youth Farm

· By Ann Hackett

Hannah Chalew’s latest sculpture combines organic and synthetic material in a living installation at Grow Dat Youth Farm in City Park. Ann Hackett contemplates Chalew’s vision of the future.

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Seeing Is Believing: ISeeChange’s Vision for Environmentalism

· By Brooke Sauvage

Brooke Sauvage reflects on ISeeChange, an initiative that uses the Internet to connect personal observations with larger investigations into the effects of climate change.

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Exhibition Pick: Kaori Maeyama

· By Benjamin Morris

Benjamin Morris visits Kaori Maeyama’s exhibition at Staple Goods, where the artist is showing her delicate paintings created with printmaking rollers.

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Many Homes: An Interview with Rashawn Griffin

· By Amy Mackie

Amy Mackie talks to Rashawn Griffin about his residency last year at the Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans and his participation in “Open Spaces,” which opens next month at venues across Kansas City.

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Born to Run: Herb Roe at Brand New Orleans Art Gallery

· By Nora Kovacs

Nora Kovacs dives into the traditions of Cajun Mardi Gras through a current show of Herb Roe’s paintings at Brand New Orleans Art Gallery.

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Falling Flat: Carlos Rolón at the New Orleans Museum of Art

· By Charlie Tatum

Charlie Tatum considers whether Carlos Rolón’s artworks, currently on view at the New Orleans Museum of Art, effectively challenge or change the museum’s ways of working.

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Exhibition Pick: Ben Depp

· By Myles Poydras

At A Gallery for Fine Photography, Myles Poydras looks at Ben Depp’s aerial photographs documenting ecological changes in South Louisiana.

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A Narrow Look: “One Place Understood” at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

· By Nic Brierre Aziz

A recent exhibition at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art highlighted works from the Do Good Fund’s collection of photography from the American South. Nic Brierre Aziz considers the importance of representation.

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Exhibition Pick: “Go ____ Yourself”

· By Dillon Raborn

Dillon Raborn contemplates how queer identity is represented in an open-call exhibition organized by a Baton Rouge-based arts and culture publication.

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