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Sharing our stories. Each week, Pelican Bomb publishes exhibition reviews, features, interviews, and more, engaging with artists, ideas, and artworks in our city. And in conjunction with our own exhibitions and public projects, our in-depth thematic series explore different topics through a range of critical perspectives.

Exhibition Pick: “Go ____ Yourself”

· By Dillon Raborn

Dillon Raborn contemplates how queer identity is represented in an open-call exhibition organized by a Baton Rouge-based arts and culture publication.

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Save Us from Ourselves: Ashley Pridmore’s “St. Kampos”

· By Brooke Sauvage

Brooke Sauvage heads to the Central Business District to check out a new public sculpture by Ashley Pridmore.

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Eagle Eye: “Birds of a Feather” at Barrister’s Gallery

· By Myles Poydras

A recent exhibition turned Barrister’s Gallery into a birdwatcher’s paradise. Myles Poydras reflects on some of the standout works that were on view.

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Heating Up: Ashley Teamer at Fort Gansevoort

· By Dana Kopel

Dana Kopel looks at New Orleans-based artist Ashley Teamer’s current solo show at Fort Gansevoort in New York. Teamer’s latest collage-based works use WNBA trading cards and sports imagery as source materials.

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Thunderous Noise: “The Whole Drum Will Sound” at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

· By Taylor Murrow

Taylor Murrow visits an exhibition at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and considers the legacy of female abstract artists in the South.

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Surviving Solitary

· By Maria Hinds, Matthew Thompson, Herman Wallace

We’re sharing a collection of photographs by artists Maria Hinds and Matthew Thompson, who documented the belongings of Herman Wallace, who unjustly spent 41 years in solitary confinement.

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Turn the Music Up: An Interview with Terence Blanchard

· By Charlie Tatum

Charlie Tatum talks to trumpeter and composer Terence Blanchard about his new album, the process of composing an opera, and the social impact of music.

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In the Slick of It: Art and the Oil Industry in New Orleans

· By Ann Hackett

Ann Hackett explores the questions some artists and arts organizations in New Orleans are asking themselves about their relationships to the oil industry.

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Unsophisticated: Robert Williams at the LSU Museum of Art

· By Dillon Raborn

Dillon Raborn visits Robert Williams’ solo show at the LSU Museum of Art in Baton Rouge. The exhibition features two decades of Williams’ satirical Pop Surrealist paintings.

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Old Costumes: Jane Tardo at Good Children Gallery

· By Ashley L. Voss

Ashley L. Voss visits Jane Tardo’s show at Good Children Gallery, where the artist presented sculptures made from childhood dance costumes.

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