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Measuring the Infinite: Adrianna Speer at the Firehouse Gallery

· By Dillon Raborn

Dillon Raborn places Adrianna Speer’s recent works—on view in an exhibition in Baton Rouge—in a lineage of abstract painting and sculpture.

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Back to Reality

· By Brooke Schueller

Brooke Schueller stops by VR Arcade NOLA and tries her hand at drawing in virtual reality.

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On His Trail: Jacob Dwyer’s “DAT LIKWID LAND”

· By Benjamin Morris

Benjamin Morris watches Jacob Dwyer’s recent film, which the artist shot during a residency in New Orleans with Deltaworkers.

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Interruption and Discovery: Sidonie Villere at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

· By Anna Mecugni

Anna Mecugni visits Sidonie Villere’s current show at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery and discusses the artist’s introduction of new materials into her practice.

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Get on Our Level: The Founding of Level Artist Collective

· By Ashley L. Voss

Ashley L. Voss talks to the five members of Level Artist Collective and looks at how their work has changed since they began working together.

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Flipping the Script: Brent Houzenga Takes a New Approach

· By Christy Lorio

Christy Lorio talks to artist Brent Houzenga about his yearlong project to produce one drawing with his non-dominant hand each day.

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She’s Alive

· By Momma Tried

Artists Theo Eliezer and Micah Learned give an exclusive sneak peek into the forthcoming issue of their print publication exploring Internet aesthetics, sexuality, and the decline of 20th-century media.

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Laura Palmer Lives: “A David Lynch-Inspired Group Show” at Arrow Cafe

· By Brooke Schueller

Brooke Schueller visits a coffee-shop exhibition of art celebrating director David Lynch’s return to television.

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The Importance of Context: “Inner Journeys” at the New Orleans Museum of Art

· By Marjorie Rawle

Marjorie Rawle examines how an exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art attempts to draw connections between the paintings of New Orleans-based artist Regina Scully and Edo-period Japanese landscapes.

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An Un-Memorial to All That Has Been Lost: Cecilia Vicuña’s Precarious Assemblages

· By John Pluecker

John Pluecker visits artist and poet Cecilia Vicuña’s first major solo exhibition in the United States at the Contemporary Arts Center.

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