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State of the Abstract: “Unfamiliar Again” at the Newcomb Art Museum

· By Brooke Schueller

Brooke Schueller contemplates the appeal of abstraction through the lens of a group exhibition at the Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane University.

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A Future Without Borders: ArteFuturo Productions’ Taco Truck Theater

· By Tina Orlandini

Tina Orlandini heads to the Art Garage for a performance by the Taco Truck Theater, organized by ArteFuturo Productions’ José Torres-Tama.

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Now They’re Gone: Pippin Frisbie-Calder at ArtPrize Nine

· By John Kissane

John Kissane looks at New Orleans-based artist Pippin Frisbie-Calder’s installation at ArtPrize, the monumental festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Outside In: NOMA Acquires Ten Works from the Souls Grown Deep Foundation

· By Benjamin Morris

Benjamin Morris writes about ten works that the New Orleans Museum of Art recently acquired from the Souls Grown Deep Foundation.

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Seeing Things: Doyle Gertjejansen at Callan Contemporary

· By Marjorie Rawle

Marjorie Rawle visits Doyle Gertjejansen’s recent show at Callan Contemporary and considers how the mind makes sense of abstraction.

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Serious Times: “Alien vs. Predator” at the New Orleans Art Center

· By Fari Nzinga

Fari Nzinga visits a recent show at the New Orleans Art Center that questions who is the predator and who is the prey in today’s America.

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Major Side-Eye: Shawne Major at the Isaac Delgado Fine Arts Gallery

· By Taylor Murrow

Taylor Murrow writes about Shawne Major’s mixed-media assemblages, currently on view at the Isaac Delgado Fine Arts Gallery.

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Alchemy and Art: “Rare Earth” at The Front

· By Dillon Raborn

Dillon Raborn reflects on the interconnectedness of three artists’ practices in a recent exhibition at The Front.

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Meeting Eulalie

· By Casey Ruble

Artist and PARSE resident Casey Ruble gives a preview of her forthcoming documentary film, which is inspired by the story of Eulalie Mandeville.

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Where They At: Polo Silk at Antenna

· By Fari Nzinga

Fari Nzinga visits Polo Silk’s current exhibition at Antenna, which presents the photographer’s documentation of bounce culture over the past three decades.

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