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Heat and Leisure: Radamés “Juni” Figueroa’s Tropicalization of the Art World

· By Logan Lockner

Logan Lockner looks at Radamés “Juni” Figueroa’s practice, which aims to “tropicalize” museums and galleries.

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What Dreemz May Come

· By Brooke Sauvage

Just in time for Mardi Gras, Brooke Sauvage shares her new collection of Carnival-inspired clothing.

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Orwell at the Pool: Aqua Mob New Orleans’ “Two Legs Bad” at the Drifter Hotel

· By Brooke Sauvage

As part of our “Queer Tropics” editorial series, Brooke Schueller recalls Aqua Mob New Orleans’ water-ballet version of George Orwell’s classic dystopian novella, which premiered last fall.

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“Queer Tropics”: A Mixtape


Dance to an exclusive “Queer Tropics”-themed mix by Chicago-based artist and DJ CQQCHIFRUIT.

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Stop and Smell the Hibiscus: On Laziness, Art, and the Utopia Imagined by Adler Guerrier

· By Rob Goyanes

Rob Goyanes examines Adler Guerrier’s work, which explores the benefits of not working.

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How Roni Horn Taught Me to Cruise on the Down Low

· By Matt Morris

Matt Morris considers the work of artist Roni Horn, the aesthetics of gay hookup app Grindr, and more expansive ways of thinking about selfhood.

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Exhibition Pick: “Sin Título”

· By Shauna Werner

Shauna Werner visits a two-part exhibition presenting a cross section of contemporary Mexican art.

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Hélio Oiticica’s Underground Order

· By Adrian Anagnost

Adrian Anagnost looks at how Hélio Oiticica’s canonical practice has been received over time in Brazil and the United States.

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Coverage of “Prospect.4: The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp”

· By Staff

You can find Pelican Bomb’s reviews, features, and interviews relating to Prospect.4 on and in the Times-Picayune.

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Exhibition Pick: “Self/Reflection”

· By Dillon Raborn

Dillon Raborn visits an exhibition at the St. Tammany Art Association in Covington of works from the collection of the New Orleans Museum of Art.

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