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Major Side-Eye: Shawne Major at the Isaac Delgado Fine Arts Gallery

· By Taylor Murrow

Taylor Murrow writes about Shawne Major’s mixed-media assemblages, currently on view at the Isaac Delgado Fine Arts Gallery.

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Alchemy and Art: “Rare Earth” at The Front

· By Dillon Raborn

Dillon Raborn reflects on the interconnectedness of three artists’ practices in a recent exhibition at The Front.

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Meeting Eulalie

· By Casey Ruble

Artist and PARSE resident Casey Ruble gives a preview of her forthcoming documentary film, which is inspired by the story of Eulalie Mandeville.

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Where They At: Polo Silk at Antenna

· By Fari Nzinga

Fari Nzinga visits Polo Silk’s current exhibition at Antenna, which presents the photographer’s documentation of bounce culture over the past three decades.

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On Monuments and Post-Monuments

· By Allison Glenn

Allison Glenn reflects on her own understanding, as someone who is not from the South, of the removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans.

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Historical Fiction: David Knox at Cole Pratt Gallery

· By Dillon Raborn

Dillon Raborn visits David Knox’s current show at Cole Pratt Gallery, which blends photographs from the Civil War and present day.

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A Dual Role: Robyn LeRoy-Evans’ Artist Residency in Motherhood

· By Ashley L. Voss

Ashley L. Voss talks to artist Robyn LeRoy-Evans about the difficult balance of raising a child while nurturing a creative practice.

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On Full Existence: William Eggleston at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

· By Laurence Ross

Laurence Ross contemplates William Eggleston’s focus on the everyday and the effect that has had on contemporary photography.

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Defining Difference: Hank Willis Thomas at the SCAD Museum of Art

· By Dana Kopel

In anticipation of Hank Willis Thomas’ new site-specific project for “Prospect.4: The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp,” Dana Kopel visits the artist’s two exhibitions at the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah.

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The Black Market: Kevin Brisco Jr. at Good Children Gallery

· By Imani Jacqueline Brown

Imani Jacqueline Brown looks at Kevin Brisco Jr.’s newest body of work, which questions how society places value on art objects and human lives.

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