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Every Drop of Blood: Healing Trauma Through Art

· By Denise Frazier

Denise Frazier looks at two attempts to use art to capture the experiences of veterans who have returned from service—including a recent project by Goat in the Road Productions in which she performed.

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A Reading of Grief

· By Taylor Murrow

Taylor Murrow visits a psychic in New Orleans and reflects on different ways to understand grief and loss.

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The Plight of the Bees: Esther Solondz at the Audubon Zoo

· By Brooke Schueller

Brooke Schueller heads to the zoo to visit artist Esther Solondz’s new sculpture, which gives bees a place to rest and reproduce.

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Empathy and Authenticity: Corinne May Botz’s “Bedside Manner”

· By Ashley L. Voss

Ashley L. Voss looks at Corinne May Botz’s exploration of the strange world of standardized patient interactions.

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For Advanced Souls: Rhonda Wheatley at the Hyde Park Art Center

· By Matt Morris

Matt Morris visits Rhonda Wheatley’s recent exhibition at Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, which includes objects created to promote healing, transcendence, and time-space travel.

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Presence, Silence, Intimacy, Duration: Lygia Clark’s Relational Objects

· By Adrian Anagnost

Adrian Anagnost looks at Brazilian artist Lygia Clark’s turn away from art-making toward the creation of therapeutic objects and experiences.

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Temporary Gestures: Manon Bellet at Good Children Gallery

· By Charlie Tatum

Charlie Tatum visits Manon Bellet’s recent exhibition at Good Children Gallery, which takes inspiration from Gustav Metzger’s experiments in “auto-destructive” and “auto-creative” art.

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· By Jessica Morey-Collins

As part of our ongoing series exploring wellness, healing, and care, Jessica Morey-Collins reflects on a traumatic plane ride from London to Accra and questions how distress and memory remain in the body.

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Tools for Consciousness: An Interview with Martin Benson

· By Emily Wilkerson

Emily Wilkerson sits down with artist Martin Benson to discuss painting, meditation, and finding the core of one’s artistic practice.

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Present Absence

· By Salome Chasnoff

Salome Chasnoff shares clips from a video installation recording the impact of police-involved killings in Chicago on the victims’ families and communities.

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