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The Power of Movement: Senga Nengudi at the Contemporary Arts Center

· By Allison Glenn

Allison Glenn explores how collaboration, performance, and the body are integral parts of Senga Nengudi’s practice, which is documented in an exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center.

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Healing and Care on Camera

· By Lexus Killingsworth

As part of our series on mental health and wellness, Lexus Killingsworth highlights five films that explore different forms of healing.

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Exhibition Pick: Luis Cruz Azaceta

· By Sarah Schacht

Sarah Schacht looks at how Luis Cruz Azaceta addresses sociopolitical issues through his abstract paintings.

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Salon Style: Painters Painting Painters at NOCCA

· By Marjorie Rawle

Marjorie Rawle talks with a group of ten New Orleans-based artists who are painting portraits of each other one by one.

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Alone and Together: Ann Hamilton at the University of Texas at Austin

· By Kate Green

Continuing our series on healing and wellness, Kate Green visits Ann Hamilton’s project exploring touch and care, commissioned by Landmarks, the public art program of the University of Texas at Austin.

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Toward an Architecture of Healing

· By Emily Nonko

Emily Nonko looks at several architects’ designs meant to promote physical and mental well-being.

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In the Cloud: Patrick Coll at The Front

· By Joseph Bradshaw

Joseph Bradshaw visits Patrick Coll’s current show at The Front, which attempts to image cloud computing.

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Space and Silence: An Interview with Yumi Sakugawa

· By Ryan Lee Wong

As part of our series exploring issues of wellness and healing, Ryan Lee Wong talks to Los Angeles-based illustrator Yumi Sakugawa about her new book promoting healthy habits and her strategies for self-care.

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Editor’s Letter: Mutual Support

· By Cameron Shaw

Pelican Bomb’s Executive Director Cameron Shaw introduces our new thematic series exploring wellness, care, and healing.

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Perverse Americana: Carlton Scott Sturgill at Engine Room Art + Projects

· By Lauren Scarpello

Lauren Scarpello looks at a recent exhibition by Carlton Scott Sturgill that attempted to unearth the sexual fantasies often hidden in daily life.

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