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The Importance of Context: “Inner Journeys” at the New Orleans Museum of Art

· By Marjorie Rawle

Marjorie Rawle examines how an exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art attempts to draw connections between the paintings of New Orleans-based artist Regina Scully and Edo-period Japanese landscapes.

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An Un-Memorial to All That Has Been Lost: Cecilia Vicuña’s Precarious Assemblages

· By John Pluecker

John Pluecker visits artist and poet Cecilia Vicuña’s first major solo exhibition in the United States at the Contemporary Arts Center.

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Exhibition Pick: “Beyond the Canvas: Contemporary Art from Puerto Rico”

· By Charlie Tatum

Charlie Tatum visits the Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane University’s latest exhibition, which presents the work of five Puerto Rico–based artists.

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Set in the Form of an “S”: Dances for Solidarity in New Orleans

· By Anna Mecugni

Anna Mecugni writes about choreographer Sarah Dahnke’s ongoing project to draw attention to the injustices of the American prison system through dance.

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Our Unofficial Mascot: An Interview with Tower Fantasy

· By Charlie Tatum

Charlie Tatum and Tower Fantasy reflect on the history of New Orleans’ Plaza Tower and discuss how social media can be used to imagine new futures for public spaces.

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Space Is the Place

· By Tower Fantasy

In a new digital artist project, the anonymous creator of a mysterious Instagram account envisions a space-age future for Louisiana’s third-tallest building.

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A Haunting Mythology: “Atlanta Ladies Memorial Association” at the Zimmerli Art Museum

· By Dillon Raborn

Following the removal of four Confederate monuments in New Orleans, Dillon Raborn looks at a collaborative project by Rutgers University faculty, staff, and MFA students, which explores memory and mythology in the American South.

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The Color of the Resistance: Aaron McNamee at Good Children Gallery

· By Ann Hackett

Ann Hackett contemplates the use of the color pink in protest movements and in Aaron McNamee’s recent show at Good Children Gallery.

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American Myths: The Paintings of Celeste Dupuy-Spencer

· By Hyunjee Nicole Kim

Celeste Dupuy-Spencer’s paintings, currently featured in the 2017 Whitney Biennial, capture cultural divisions within the United States. Hyunjee Nicole Kim follows the artist’s moves in and out of the art world and around the country.

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Altering the Everyday: An Interview with Zarouhie Abdalian

· By Charlie Tatum

Charlie Tatum speaks with New Orleans-based artist Zarouhie Abdalian, whose work is included in this year’s Whitney Biennial, about the process of adapting site-specific artworks to new locations.

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