Critic in Residence

Valuing diverse voices. Pelican Bomb’s critic-in-residence program breaks ground bringing art critics from throughout the country to New Orleans through engaging paid residencies.

Pelican Bomb continues to innovate new ways to bring national attention to local art communities. With the Critic-in-Residence program, Pelican Bomb hosts arts writers in New Orleans for one-week stays, which include artist studio visits, as well as museum, gallery, and private collection tours. Designed for the critic who prioritizes connection, discussion, and community engagement, residents are invited to give a public lecture, conduct a student writers’ workshop, and participate in a peer-to-peer discussion group during their stay.

Pelican Bomb’s Critic-in-Residence program is changing the way cities can work together to support artists and their audiences. Working with Burnaway in Atlanta to apply the same framework to a dual-city residency program, arts writers can participate in one-week stays in both Atlanta and New Orleans. In today’s globalized art world, Pelican Bomb’s model of collaboration is showing how cities can work together to leverage resources and attention on behalf of artists communities.

Applying to be a Critic in Residence

We are not currently accepting applications for our Critic-in-Residence program.