Who We Are

Since its founding in February 2011, Pelican Bomb has become the leading voice in contemporary art in New Orleans. The co-directors bring over 20 years of combined experience, international networks, and ongoing curiosity.

The Pelican Bomb Team


Launched in February 2011, Pelican Bomb began as an online publication of arts writing and criticism in New Orleans. The brainchild of a curator (Miranda Lash), programmer (Rami Sharkey), designer (Erik Kiesewetter), and editor (Cameron Shaw), it was a communal effort–born out of a shared desire to provide the city’s growing arts community with thoughtful response to the work they were creating and exhibiting. As a regional publication, it focused on native sons and daughters, recent transplants, and folks just passing through.

But quality writing doesn’t grow on trees, so Shaw quickly teamed up with Amanda Brinkman to imagine how to support the publication, its writers, and the artists that inspired it. In August 2012, the two launched Pelican Bomb's Community Supported Art, the first program of its kind in New Orleans. Community Supported Art also marked a new era for Pelican Bomb, taking it beyond a publication to an organization with a broadened mission.

With this new mission in mind to build and support a sustainable arts infrastructure, Brinkman and Shaw continued to grow Pelican Bomb to provide artists with additional opportunities to engage and expand their audiences in interesting and innovative ways. The Roving Exhibitions program, which won Pelican Bomb first place at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week in 2013, transforms empty, underutilized, or otherwise transitional properties within the city into temporary homes for exhibitions.


At Pelican Bomb, we see ourselves as architects of a new arts infrastructure in New Orleans. Just as a city requires infrastructure to function, so do artists communities. To thrive artists must have:

  1. a place to exhibit their work
  2. people to buy their work
  3. writers and thinkers in dialogue with their work to promote it and propel it forward

We’ve created each of our programs to strategically address these needs and expand the possibilities for artists in our city.

On our site, you’ll find ways to interact with all the tools we use to build up anew and boost existing infrastructure. And we’ve broken it down into what we hope are easily navigable sections. Art Review by Pelican Bomb is where you’ll find the arts writing and criticism you’ve always found at pelicanbomb.com. Community Supported Art, our way of supporting artists by strengthening and growing their collector base, is where you can buy limited edition works made by New Orleans artists. Roving Exhibitions is where you’ll find more information on our pop-up exhibitions program and curatorial projects. And if you’re someone who has been with us for a while, you can still find our calendar of local art events under Events.