Make Me Over

Journalist Esther Honig creates a new digital project for Pelican Bomb.

Editor's Note

To close out our series on power and public space, we invited Esther Honig to share her experience of going viral. In addition to a personal essay on Before & After, the project that put her face on millions of computer screens across the world, she proposed another take on her now-famous beauty experiment. She visited a group of salons around Kansas City, where she lives, with a simple request: “Make me over.” Here she shares four of the makeover results.

Mitsu Sato, Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, Overland Park, Kansas.

Arlen Wickstrum, Skyline Downtown Salon, Kansas City, Missouri.

Melissa Blayton, Melissa Blayton Pro Artistry, Independence, Missouri.

Andy Chambers, Wonderland Salon, Kansas City, Missouri.


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