Collection: (De)Tangled

Bottled and Tubed

Ng'endo Mukii contextualizes her award-winning short film with an essay penned exclusively for Pelican Bomb to wrap up "(De)Tangled."

Just Relax

Co-founder of Arts.Black, Jessica Lynne, contributes a heartfelt interview with her mother about intergenerational hair choices.

At the Table

Pelican Bomb staff member Noni Clemens shares her hair story shaped by her French upbringing and Zimbabwean ancestry.

For the Cyborg in You: Hair as Medium, Hair as Technology

Atlanta-based writer, Kristin Juarez, revisits an Ellen Gallagher series to discuss the future of hair.

Tactile Fixation: An Interview with Aubrey Longley-Cook

Laurence Ross speaks with Atlanta-based artist and "(De)Tangled" contributor, Aubrey Longley-Cook, about humor, drag, and stitching.

I Have One Thing to Say...

Aubrey Longley-Cook contributes his incredible animations to "(De)Tangled."

Lagniappe: Kolbe

After meeting at UNO St. Claude Gallery, Elizabeth Derby jumped at the opportunity to share her cheeky, hair-themed drawing.

Talking Shop

Nick Stillman and Alphonse Smith, friends and co-workers at the Arts Council New Orleans, meet over beers and basketball to talk barbershops, race, and masculinity.

Lagniappe: Blonde Embrace

A bonus "(De)Tangled" video submission from Local Honey—artist, model, and poet drag clown.

Hard Work: Marilyn Minter at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Charlie Tatum discusses labor and maintenance through the lens of Marilyn Minter's current retrospective in Houston.

Hashtag Aesthetic

Momma Tried presents a NSFW digital project made exclusively for Pelican Bomb.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: On Baldness

Benjamin Morris delves into the many implications of baldness in American pop culture and society.

My Hair Without Me

Ann Hackett candidly and poetically discusses her experience with hair loss.

One Silver Fox

Spencer Silverthorne, whose given name is completely coincidental, shares a series of vignettes on his experience going gray at a young age.

Occam’s Razor: Tennessee Williams at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Laurence Ross explores Tennessee Williams' affinity for hairless men in his paintings currently on display at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

Force It Down: Harriet Burbeck at TEN Gallery

Perfectly timed for "(De)Tangled," Charlie Tatum reviews local artist Harriet Burbeck's "HairBall" exhibition at TEN Gallery.

For Copper Queens and Kings

With a different "(De)Tangled" perspective, Morgan Cattaneo offers her very own triumphant ode to redheads.

Within and Without: The Refutation of "Good" Hair

Photographer Nakeya Brown offers a new way to look at her breakthrough series in this Pelican Bomb digital exclusive.

Passing Strange

Hannah Miet joins the "(De)Tangled" series with a personal essay on her experience as a white woman who has allowed her hair to obscure her identity.

She's Mine

The first essay in our "(De)Tangled" series comes from Pelican Bomb staff member, Rosemary Reyes, on her hair experience as an Afro-Latina.

Editor’s Letter: Introducing (De)Tangled

Our Executive Director and Founding Editor, Cameron Shaw, fills you in on what’s to come with “(De)Tangled: A Living Salon.”