Hashtag Aesthetic

Momma Tried presents a NSFW digital project made exclusively for Pelican Bomb.

Editor's Note

It’s all too easy to take for granted the various social proscriptions on hair and our bodies. But questions of hair, where, and on whom shape our sexual identities, expressions, and freedoms. That’s why we invited the artists/publishers behind Momma Tried, the New Orleans-based conceptual “nudie” mag, to create a digital project especially for “(De)Tangled.” To help us think about hair, contemporary photography, and the sexualized body, they’ve put together a Tumblr-inspired, animated pin-up spread that one of our Instagram followers described best: #yum.

(Mobile users, run to your computers for full-site version and see all the action!)

Editor's Note

Photography: Theo Eliezer
Animation: Hannah Joffray
Models: Luci Broom, Local Honey, Kate Reilly, Stan Stringston

Momma Tried is an ongoing art project and print-only publication inspired by art and media from the 1960s and ’70s, Internet culture and aesthetics, and what constitutes authenticity and reality in consumer industries.


Artist Project