Antenna::Signals: “Street Spirit”

This is a past event
Kermit’s Tremé Mother-in-Law Lounge
1500 N. Claiborne Avenue
New Orleans LA 70116
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Antenna presents the latest issue of its “live art magazine.”

A photograph by Polo Silk.

A photograph by Polo Silk.

Antenna and the Patois Film Festival host the sixth issue of Antenna::Signals, which centers around the theme “Street Spirit” and brings together artists and writers to discuss public space. This issue features performances and presentations by A Scribe Called Quess?, Abdul Aziz, Miriam Belblidia, Mykia Jovan, Sabrina Mays-Montana, Dread Scott, and Polo Silk.

Admission is $10 for the general public and free for Signals subscribers. For more information, visit Antenna’s website.