“Splish: The Rise and Fall of the Show and Tail”

This is a past event
2120 Port Street
New Orleans LA 70117
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PORT hosts an interactive performance inspired by mermaids, sex work, and mid-century sideshow attractions.

Photo by Sarrah Danziger.

Photo by Sarrah Danziger.

PORT hosts Splish: The Rise and Fall of the Show and Tail, an interactive performance inspired by Florida’s Weeki Wachee mermaids, monster movies, and the allure of mid-century tourism. Splish takes the form of a masque—a performance type that emerged in the 16th-century English court. Audience members are expected to participate, and guests are encouraged to attend “dressed as mermaids, New Orleans tourists from the mid 1960s, or the disco kings and queens of the mid 1970s.”

Set design for Splish is by artists Nina Nichols, Jade Brandt, Chelsea Wagner, Sarah Mac, and Jesse Roadkill. Costumes are by Alita Edgar and Jami Girouard. Choreography is by Amanda Peters.

Pre-sale tickets are available for $15 on the Splish’s website. The performance contains sexually explicit material and is not appropriate for children.