Collection: Pilgrimage

Awaiting the Mermaids

Photographer Luke Johnson captures the mermaids of Weeki Wachee, Florida.

On Circles: A Bildungsroman

Laurence Ross travels to the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj in Rome on a circuitous yet fruitful journey.

Worn Well: An Interview with Alton Osborn

Amy Mackie interviews local fashion designer Alton Osborn on his extraordinary life.

Henry Wesselwoman’s /r/American Fan Fic

In this digital artist project made exclusively for Pelican Bomb, Alli Miller and Trey Burns take us on a trip into the desert.

On Earthworks: The Journey to Marfa

Emily Wilkerson discusses her experience in Marfa, Texas, and the earthworks of Donald Judd among others.

Eclectic Collecting: The Roswell Museum and Art Center’s Southwest

Sara Woodbury, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions at the Roswell Museum and Art Center, discusses the magnetic pull of the Southwest for pilgrims of all kinds.

The Stacks Reading List: Inside and Out

Émilie Lamy of The Stacks suggests a list of art and photography books exploring the great wide open and the equally vast interiors of the self.

Mormon No More

Lamb Lee describes her experience growing up in rural Montana and exiting the Mormon church.

Piece of Me: Worship, Raveling, and Britney Spears

Sara Clugage describes her parallel spiritual journey with American pop icon, Britney Spears.

Poems for Wanderers: Part 2

Benjamin Morris’ compilation of pilgrimage-themed poetry continues.

Poems for Wanderers: Part 1

Poet and Pelican Bomb regular, Benjamin Morris, compiles a selection of poems around our pilgrimage theme.

Just Another Journey: Bob Perrin’s Life in Cemeteries

Artist and curator Todd Rennie introduces us to the work of New Orleans photographer Bob Perrin.

A Way Back Home: “The Spirit of Haitian Culture” at the McKenna Museum

Lydia Y. Nichols discusses the journey to build the Haitian Cultural Legacy Collection, partly on view at the McKenna Museum of African American Art.

Forest Bathing™ Dispatch: On the Appalachian Trail

For our first pilgrimage-themed artist project, Dave Greber sends us a dispatch from his multi-month honeymoon trek with Katie Gelfand.

Editor’s Letter: To All Ye Pilgrims

Our Creative and Operations Director, Amanda Brinkman, kicks off a summertime series on journeys, big and small.