Collection: Living with Water

Perpetual Evolution: An Interview with Delaney Martin

Curator Claire Tancons talks to Delaney Martin of New Orleans Airlift about the Music Box Village’s permanent home, an upcoming project on Lake Pontchartrain, and the ethics of creating art in New Orleans.

Dead Reckoning: The Waterways of Turner and Canaletto

Laurence Ross reflects on two historic views of Venice, Italy, in “Seeing Nature” at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Messages from the Ocean: An Interview with Pam Longobardi

Karen Tauches talks to artist Pam Longobardi about her work cleaning refuse off the world’s coasts.

Black Interiority: Notes on Architecture, Infrastructure, Environmental Justice, and Abstract Drawing

Artist Torkwase Dyson shares her notes exploring ways to center black subjectivity through artistic abstraction.

New Harmony High: A Floating School for the Gulf Coast

Sarah Dupee looks at the plans for New Harmony High, a high school in Plaquemines Parish that will float on the Mississippi River.

A New Vision for Water: Building the Gentilly Resilience District

Benjamin Morris looks at the Gentilly Resilience District, which aims to set a precedent for reducing the impact of rainfall and flooding on New Orleans’ neighborhoods.

Keep It Dirty

While we’ve been exploring the many ways we live with water, dryness is also a reality for many. Samuel Ray Jacobson shares his ongoing project, which started as a response to the drought in California.

Future Landscapes: Syncopation in the Work of Xaviera Simmons

Allison Glenn looks at two works by artist Xaviera Simmons that challenge our conceptions of history through images of forced migration across water.

New Order: “A Kingdom, A Chasm” at the Art Klub

Bonnie Gabel explores the landscape of post-apocalyptic New Orleans imagined in a recent performance by Vagabond Inventions.

A View from Above

New Orleans-based photographer Tina Freeman shares a selection of aerial images documenting glacial runoff and other bodies of water in Iceland.

Raging Fires, Rising Waters

As part of our series on living with water, Nathan C. Martin reflects on being a wilderness guide and the increasingly extreme wildfires and floods across the country.

Surveillance Aesthetics: Nathan Halverson at Antenna

Ashley L. Voss reviews Nathan Halverson’s exhibition at Antenna, which explores the ways landscapes and human activities are recorded.

Rising Waters on the Gulf Coast: The Cartography of Robert Tannen

Sarah Dupee examines a recent project by Robert Tannen that combines conceptual art and mapmaking.

Editor’s Letter: Living with Water

Our Executive Director Cameron Shaw introduces a new thematic series, published in conjunction with Erin Johnson’s exhibition at Pelican Bomb Gallery X.

Liquid City: Cheng Ran at the New Museum

As part of our thematic series on living with water, Ryan Lee Wong examines Cheng Ran’s 15-video installation at the New Museum in New York, which combines disparate narratives of the city’s residents and geographies.