A View from Above

New Orleans-based photographer Tina Freeman shares a selection of aerial images documenting glacial runoff and other bodies of water in Iceland.

All photographs by Tina Freeman. Courtesy the artist and Octavia Art Gallery, New Orleans.

I seem to love polar and almost polar places, and Iceland is one of my favorites. I have always been fascinated by what one sees from the air, but I had never before had the opportunity to shoot from a small plane. Iceland is full of glaciers, and glacial water is a milky color. The earth in many places in Iceland is black due to the amount of volcanic activity, hence the unusual contrast of light water and dark earth. There are other colors in the water and land that I can’t account for—turquoise water and café-au-lait-colored water—but that is some of the fascination.

Editor's Note

Several works by Tina Freeman from this series are on view December 10 - 31, 2016, in “SurREAL” at Octavia Art Gallery (454 Julia Street) in New Orleans.


Photo Essay