Collection: From Theory to Practice

So Long, Farewell...

Pelican Bomb’s archive is available via Rhizome’s Webrecorder tool.

Saving the Web: An Interview with Anna Perricci

Charlie Tatum speaks with Rhizome’s Anna Perricci about the importance of preserving websites and how to get a start building your own archive.

Finding Room to Grow

Pelican Bomb’s Editorial and Communications Manager Charlie Tatum reflects on his experiences working in the arts and the importance of mentorship.

Watching the Sunset: An Interview with Deana Haggag

Pelican Bomb Executive Director Cameron Shaw talks with Deana Haggag about the process of deciding when it’s time to close a nonprofit organization.

Changing Tides: Another Look at the New Orleans Art World

Amy Mackie follows up her 2013 essay focusing on New Orleans’ artist-run and alternative spaces with a look at some of the recent changes in the city’s art scene.

The Future of Arts Criticism: Part 2

Before Pelican Bomb’s close, three Art Review contributors contemplate the future of arts writing in New Orleans.

The Future of Arts Criticism: Part 1

Art Review contributors share their thoughts on the future of critical arts writing in New Orleans.

A Dissonance of Parts and People: Publishing from the Provinces

James McAnally considers the importance of publishing arts writing outside of major metropolitan areas like New York and Los Angeles.

Editor’s Note: From Theory to Practice

Our Executive Director Cameron Shaw introduces our final thematic series before our close on November 30, exploring the ideas and methods that have been important to Pelican Bomb’s development.