Collection: Art of the Party

Snapshots from a Doomsday Party

We’re closing out our series on the art of partying with a photo essay by Kayl Parker.

Retching in the New Year

Meredith Sellers recounts a New Year’s Eve she’ll never forget and remembers why she still can’t drink tequila.

Tunnel Crawlers

Photographer and DJ Lucien Samaha revisits the zeitgeist of 1990s club culture in New York City.

Taking Direction: An Interview with Tina Barney

Curator Drew Sawyer talks to photographer Tina Barney about printing big pictures, using her family as subjects, and crossing over into the fashion world.

A Space to Dance: An Interview with Tschabalala Self

Ashton Cooper speaks with artist Tschabalala Self about the importance of creating diverse narratives around black female bodies.

Josef Albers Sweet Potato Latkes: A Recipe from Jello and Casseroles

Emily Marshall of Jello and Casseroles serves up some latkes that would be right at home at the Museum of Modern Art.

In the Evening: Nights among Artists in Los Angeles

Andrew Berardini considers the drive to blend nightlife and art in Los Angeles and remembers several recent artist projects.

Green Grapes, White Wine

Curator and writer Dana Kopel channels the haziness, anxiety, and messiness of parties.

A Partial Guide to Camp: On The Eyes Of The Beholder

Laurence Ross reflects on the Camp pleasures of New Orleans and the act of looking. His essay is accompanied by a selection of photographs by Colin Roberson that offer an intimate glimpse into the city’s queer nightlife.

Where Have All the Dyke Bars Gone?

Bonnie Gabel, a core organizer of Last Call: New Orleans Dyke Bar History Project, reflects on the process of using performance to revisit and preserve lost histories and spaces.

Come Get Me: An Interview with Kim Vaz-Deville

Pelican Bomb’s Executive Director Cameron Shaw talks with scholar Kim Vaz-Deville about the history of the Baby Dolls, a unique and distinctly female masking tradition in New Orleans.

Homecoming: An Interview with Rashaad Newsome

Antwaun Sargent speaks to New Orleans native Rashaad Newsome about the influence the city’s parties and performances have had on his work.

Confessions of a Venetian Mime on Bourbon Street

Justine Bird recalls her first gig as a mime—at a stranger’s wedding in the heart of the French Quarter.

Obliteration Cake: A Recipe from Probably This

Beau Ciolino and Matt Armato serve up an art-inspired recipe for our ongoing series on parties.

Pacing Yourself

It’s no secret that New Orleans loves to party. Benjamin Morris thinks about how we’ve learned to celebrate all year round.

Art of the Party: A Mixtape

The weekend’s almost here! Bouffant Bouffant gives us a new mix to help us celebrate in style.

Party Primaries: The Time of My Life

New Orleans native J.B. Borders remembers the city’s—and his own—past party days.

The South Got Something to Say

Jessica Lynne reflects on Grits & Biscuits, a Southern hip-hop party spreading across the country, and the roots of black nightlife in America.

Behold, The Tailgate Party

In honor of Super Bowl 50, Amy Mackie looks at a historically American approach to partying.

Editor’s Letter: Party City

Executive Director Cameron Shaw introduces our series on partying, just in time for Carnival, our fifth birthday, and the opening of Pelican Bomb Gallery X.