Art of the Party: A Mixtape

The weekend’s almost here! Bouffant Bouffant gives us a new mix to help us celebrate in style.

Editor's Note

To celebrate our five-year anniversary, we’re exploring what it means to party through a series of essays, interviews, and artist projects on the Art Review. To get us moving, local DJ and party promoter Bouffant Bouffant drops a new mix, created exclusively for Pelican Bomb.

By way of introduction, Bouffant reflects on his 2015—a year filled with late nights, new friends, and a whole lot of fun.

I set out in 2015 with a goal of traveling outside of New Orleans to DJ—to see new places, meet new people, and, of course, party my ass off. Being from a very small, rural town in Southwest Louisiana, my greatest desires have always been to explore the world and cross paths with interesting people along the way. Last year, I was lucky enough to land a few more gigs across the country than I’d expected and one truly life-changing trip abroad.

I think that sometimes people underestimate the power of a party, of dancing, of making new connections with others—or even with yourself. To some people, partying seems superficial, shallow, or counter-productive. But, especially over the last year, I’ve learned how important and magical a party can be—whether it be a small get-together at someone’s house, an epic night at a gigantic electrical-factory-turned-German-techno-club, or an evening crowded around a piano all night with close friends in Cape Cod. Those connections, conversations, and blissed-out dance-floor moments are incredibly valuable to me, and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to do what I do, to go where I go, and to know all the amazing people in my life.


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