Collection: 2 Freaky 2 Friday

Moving to New Orleans with Solange Knowles

Concluding our series on the power of women’s public images, Ann Hackett reflects on moving to New Orleans from Brooklyn and feeling the presence of Solange Knowles.

Grace Jones: Strong without Permission

Sultan Isham reflects on their parallel journey with Grace Jones and shares a video recording of a recent performance dedicated to Jones.

The Uncanny Effigy and Celebrity Identity: Laurie Simmons, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift

Lauren Scarpello wonders how we can use the ongoing feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West to look at art history.

The Transmission of Bodies: Howardena Pindell and the Moving Image

Kristin Juarez looks back at Howardena Pindell’s historic video work, which examines the boundaries between subject and object, public and private, and black and white.

Take Two: The World of Marisa Williamson

Lynnette Miranda shares the work of Marisa Williamson, whose videos and performances blend reality and fiction to create a new space for feminism.

On Conflagration: The Masks of Natalie Portman

Laurence Ross reflects on Natalie Portman, the art of the letter, and growing up in and out of the spotlight.

Too Much TV: An Interview with Yoshie Sakai

Taylor Murrow talks to Los Angeles-based artist Yoshie Sakai about East Asian soap operas, growing up between cultures, and her recent solo show at Antenna.

I Was Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan

Daniel Spielberger created a popular Tumblr page that pushed him in and out of Lindsay Lohan fandom.

Off the Wall: THNK 1994 Museum

Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen share a highlight from their collection of art and artifacts related to the 1994 figure-skating scandal surrounding Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.

Part 3: I am the real Veronica Compton

Looking back at Nina Schwanse’s 2013 exhibition at Good Children Gallery, Amy Mackie talks to the real Veronica Compton about the Hillside Strangler, life after prison, and the terror of having your identity taken away from you.

The Real World: An Interview with Rashayla Marie Brown

Allison Glenn talks with Rashayla Marie Brown about the artist’s explorations of family and fame in a reality-TV series, which recently debuted at Aspect/Ratio in Chicago.

Timely Tribute: The Rise and Fall of Opera’s Voices

As part of our series on female celebrity, Ben Miller wonders what an opera singer must give up in order to achieve divadom.

Two Divas: Picturing Maria Callas and Amy Winehouse

Dana Kopel looks at portraits by two artists—Werner Schroeter and Rachel Harrison—and contemplates parallels between their tragic subjects.

’Cause I’m Real

Carol Ann Peterson reflects on coming out, finding herself in celebrity culture, and that unforgettable pink tracksuit.

Curator’s Note: “2 Freaky 2 Friday”

Amanda Brinkman, Pelican Bomb’s Creative and Operations Director, introduces “2 Freaky 2 Friday” and kicks off our editorial series exploring women’s public images.