Queer Tropics

Pelican Bomb Gallery X
1612 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard
New Orleans LA 70113
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Our new exhibition at Pelican Bomb Gallery X looks to the tropics to examine the intersections of aesthetics, landscape, and otherness.

Joiri Minaya, _Container #1_, 2015. Pigment print (detail). Courtesy the artist.

Joiri Minaya, Container #1, 2015. Pigment print (detail). Courtesy the artist.

Pelican Bomb presents “Queer Tropics,” a group exhibition exploring tropical aesthetics and landscapes as they relate to sexuality, the body, exoticization, and tourism, and the show is particularly interested in how these themes play out between the United States, Europe, and the Global South. Included artists are Ash Arder, Kerry Downey, Madeline Gallucci, Victoria Martinez, Joiri Minaya, Carlos Motta, Pacifico Silano, and Adrienne Elise Tarver.

Alongside the exhibition, Pelican Bomb is publishing a thematic series of essays, interviews, and digital artist projects on our online Art Review to continue the conversation beyond the gallery’s walls.

“Queer Tropics” is on view November 16, 2017–February 25, 2018, at Pelican Bomb Gallery X. The exhibition is a self-organized satellite exhibition that runs alongside “Prospect.4: The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp.”