Exhibition Pick (Week of December 7): Billy Name

This is a past event
Boyd Satellite Gallery
440 Julia Street
New Orleans LA 70130
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Boyd Satellite Gallery presents a solo show of photographs by an archivist of Andy Warhol’s Factory.

“Billy Name: The Silver Factory Years, 1964 - 1968,” on view at Boyd Satellite Gallery, features a selection of photographs documenting Andy Warhol’s Factory during its “Silver Age.” Name was responsible for covering the Warhol studio in reflective silver foil, and he photographed the day-to-day happenings in the Factory for years. Name’s photographs capture Warhol and his retinue, including artists and musicians such as the Velvet Underground, Nico, and Gerard Malanga.

“Billy Name: The Silver Factory Years, 1964 - 1968” is on view through the end of December. Click through to watch a short video about Name produced by the gallery. Visit the gallery’s website for more information.