Exhibition Pick (Week of November 30): Poppy Coles and Utah Snyder

This is a past event
The Front
4100 St. Claude Avenue
New Orleans LA 70117
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The Front presents a collaborative exhibition between Poppy Coles and Utah Snyder.

Poppy Coles and Utah Snyder present the artists’ first collaborative exhibition, “Plats,” at The Front. Coles and Snyder take the respective definitions of “plat” (a map or plan of a land mass) and “plait” (a braid of hair) to explore the ways people, places, and things can fold and unfold across time.

Two creased drawings equally hide and reveal line-drawn interiors; a photograph shows a woman turned away, her hair in a criss-cross of braids; a mysterious stone sculpture sits in the center of the gallery, a relic from an unknown past. The artists’ installation leaves us to question the changing relations between ourselves and our physical and psychological surroundings.

“Plats” is on view through December 6 at The Front (4100 St. Claude Avenue).