Art for Arts' Sake

This is a past event
300 - 700 blocks of Julia Street
New Orleans, LA
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The galleries and museums of the New Orleans' Warehouse Arts District will open their doors for this year's Art for Arts' Sake on Saturday, October 4, from 12 - 9 pm. The event is a fundraiser for the Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans. Highlights will include:

"Art, Environment & Observations," a show by Deedra Ludwig, at Le Mieux Galleries (332 Julia St).

"Guns in the Hands of Artists," a "community-based social activist artistic project" at the Jonathan Ferrera Gallery (400a Julia St).

Dave Greber's show "E.N.R.G. Wand'ers," pieces by Troy Dugas, Lesley Dill's "Beautiful Dirt: Ballgowns of Lightness & Dark," and "Deborah Kass: feel good paintings for feel bad times," all on view at Arthur Roger Gallery (432 Julia St).

Work by Pinkney Herbert and Nina Schwanse at Boyd Satellite Gallery (440 Julia St).

A series of pieces by Lois Chiles, Richard Deutsch, Carole A. Feuerman, and Beth Lambert at Octavia Gallery (454 Julia St).

Alex Mollere's exhibition "Before the Song, the Enigma: Mathematics, Myth, Sculpture" on view at Martine Chaisson Gallery (727 Camp St).

To learn more about Art for Arts' sake, visit the CAC's website.

This event is free and open to the public.

Image: Detail of a work by Troy Dugas, on view at Arthur Roger Gallery.

Event Time: 12 - 9 pm