Collection: Mutual Support

Improved Techniques

To close out our series exploring wellness and care—published alongside “Mutual Support” at Pelican Bomb Gallery X—artist Carolyn Lazard shares a video made from secret footage taken in medical facilities.

Every Drop of Blood: Healing Trauma Through Art

Denise Frazier looks at two attempts to use art to capture the experiences of veterans who have returned from service—including a recent project by Goat in the Road Productions in which she performed.

A Reading of Grief

Taylor Murrow visits a psychic in New Orleans and reflects on different ways to understand grief and loss.

The Plight of the Bees: Esther Solondz at the Audubon Zoo

Brooke Schueller heads to the zoo to visit artist Esther Solondz’s new sculpture, which gives bees a place to rest and reproduce.

Empathy and Authenticity: Corinne May Botz’s “Bedside Manner”

Ashley L. Voss looks at Corinne May Botz’s exploration of the strange world of standardized patient interactions.

For Advanced Souls: Rhonda Wheatley at the Hyde Park Art Center

Matt Morris visits Rhonda Wheatley’s recent exhibition at Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, which includes objects created to promote healing, transcendence, and time-space travel.

Presence, Silence, Intimacy, Duration: Lygia Clark’s Relational Objects

Adrian Anagnost looks at Brazilian artist Lygia Clark’s turn away from art-making toward the creation of therapeutic objects and experiences.


As part of our ongoing series exploring wellness, healing, and care, Jessica Morey-Collins reflects on a traumatic plane ride from London to Accra and questions how distress and memory remain in the body.

Tools for Consciousness: An Interview with Martin Benson

Emily Wilkerson sits down with artist Martin Benson to discuss painting, meditation, and finding the core of one’s artistic practice.

Present Absence

Salome Chasnoff and Meredith Zielke share clips from a video installation recording the impact of police-involved killings in Chicago on the victims’ families and communities.

Queer Traces: Transnational Queer Underground’s #TheGalleryProject

Ben Miller talks with Verena Spilker about a Berlin-based project that raises questions about how to create more inclusive archives and how communities can form through art.

Words on Wellness: A Selection of Poems

As part of our ongoing series, poet and longtime Pelican Bomb contributor Benjamin Morris shares a selection of poems reckoning with health, sickness, and grief.

Healing and Care on Camera

As part of our series on mental health and wellness, Lexus Killingsworth highlights five films that explore different forms of healing.

Salon Style: Painters Painting Painters at NOCCA

Marjorie Rawle talks with a group of ten New Orleans-based artists who are painting portraits of each other one by one.

Alone and Together: Ann Hamilton at the University of Texas at Austin

Continuing our series on healing and wellness, Kate Green visits Ann Hamilton’s project exploring touch and care, commissioned by Landmarks, the public art program of the University of Texas at Austin.

Toward an Architecture of Healing

Emily Nonko looks at several architects’ designs meant to promote physical and mental well-being.

Space and Silence: An Interview with Yumi Sakugawa

As part of our series exploring issues of wellness and healing, Ryan Lee Wong talks to Los Angeles-based illustrator Yumi Sakugawa about her new book promoting healthy habits and her strategies for self-care.

Editor’s Letter: Mutual Support

Pelican Bomb’s Executive Director Cameron Shaw introduces our new thematic series exploring wellness, care, and healing.