Collection: False Flags

A Partial Guide to Camp: On Crossing the Border

Continuing his ongoing series on the aesthetics of Camp, Laurence Ross examines two recent Calvin Klein ads that have been scrutinized by the Russian government.

Abstracting the Self: An Interview with Francisco-Fernando Granados

Curator Christian Camacho-Light discusses the politics of abstraction with Francisco-Fernando Granados, whose work was included in Camacho-Light’s recent thesis exhibition at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College.

The Ongoing Colonization of New Orleans and Palestine

As “False Flags” at Pelican Bomb Gallery X closes, New Orleans-based activist Tabitha Mustafa looks at the parallels between the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine and local conversations surrounding cultural ownership.

Biennials on the International Stage

Emily Wilkerson, Project Manager at Prospect New Orleans, looks at the history of international exhibitions and thinks about the potential of biennials to cross borders.

Many Thousand Miles Behind Us Many Thousand Miles Before

Erin Colleen Johnson gives an exclusive preview of her upcoming sound installation at the Maine Maritime Museum.

A Queer Ear: Paul Bowles’ “Music of Morocco”

Ben Miller examines how Paul Bowles’ recordings of traditional Moroccan music might have served an agenda of resistance.

Going Global: EXP and I’m Making a Boy Band

Curator Lynnette Miranda writes on the rise of the band EXP and challenging what K-pop is and can be.

All That is Solid Melts into Fantasy: Cao Fei at MoMA PS1

Ryan Lee Wong visits Cao Fei’s current retrospective at MoMA PS1 and thinks about how her photography and video works transcend the limitations of bodies and the built environment.

“God Willing”: An Interview with John Isiah Walton

Benjamin Morris speaks to New Orleans native John Isiah Walton about his recent paintings and drawings, which look at the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Imag(in)ing a New Language: “Rendre”

Artist Imen Djouini shares an ongoing project that looks at the ways languages intermix and change on the Internet.

Black and White: Adam Pendleton at the Contemporary Arts Center

Charlie Tatum looks at how Adam Pendleton’s largest solo exhibition to date combines disparate revolutionary histories and asks viewers to consider the relationship between art and activism.

The Marathon of History: An Interview with Dread Scott

Lydia Y. Nichols speaks to Dread Scott about his upcoming project in New Orleans, a full-scale reenactment of the largest slave revolt in U.S. history.

Down for the Cause?: “What’s Going On” at Boyd | Satellite

Lydia Y. Nichols visits an exhibition on Julia Street dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement and wonders how political movements should be represented in galleries.

That’s Not My Flag

Jessica Lynne reflects on two artists who use their practices to challenge the Confederate flag’s legacy.

Tell Me I’m Your National Anthem

Charlie Tatum contemplates a vision of America embedded in a painting by Bo Bartlett and Lana Del Rey’s music videos.

Curator’s Note: “False Flags”

Curator Noah Simblist introduces “False Flags,” on view through May 29, 2016, at Pelican Bomb Gallery X.