Image Universe: Stained Glass

The Art Review introduces a new series of image essays starting with a look at how we think about stained glass.

Editor's Note

At Pelican Bomb, we spend our time looking and thinking about the ways images connect and interact to influence how we see the world. We created our newest feature, "Image Universe," to share our staff's approach to thinking about images, as a way of expanding on our articles, reviews, and the work of local artists. The first in this series takes its cue from Benjamin Morris and his recent essay about the legacy of Emil Frei Studio's stained glass in New Orleans.

Kehinde Wiley, Arms of Nicolas Ruterius, Bishop of Arras, 2014. Stained glass. Courtesy of Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris.

Photo of stained-glass ceiling at historic Hotel Boulderado in Boulder, Colorado. Courtesy

View of Leonard Knight's Salvation Mountain in Imperial County, California. Photo by Joe Decruyenaere. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Christine Finley, Penthouse, 2010. Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy

Photo of natural fractals in romanesco broccoli. Courtesy

Brian Guidry, Oxizion, 2014. Acrylic and oil on canvas. Courtesy the artist.

Detail of an advertising image for H0les KALEIDOSCOPE EYEWEAR. Courtesy

View of Lucia Koch's installation at the Contemporary Arts Center for Prospect.3, New Orleans. Courtesy

View of James Turrell's skyspace installation at the Goldstein Residence in Los Angeles. Photo by Jeff Green. Courtesy

View of Tom Pruin's Stained Glass Art house in Copenhagen. COurtesy

Image of Cassiopeia A supernova remnants blending data from NASA's Spitzer (red), Hubble (yellow), and Chandra (green and blue) observatories. Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/STScI/CXC/SAO.

View of David and Gladys Wright Residence by Frank Lloyd Wright in Arcadia, Arizona. Courtesy National Trust for Historic Preservation.

JACKY TSAI, Stained Glass Skull, 2013. screenprint. Courtesy

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Madchen mit Zopfen / Young Woman with Pigtails, 1917. Original woodcut. courtesy


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