Exhibitions: Mutual Support

Our group exhibition exploring mental health, wellness, care, and collectivity is on view March 10 - April 23, 2017, at Pelican Bomb Gallery X.

Pelican Bomb presents “Mutual Support,” a group exhibition highlighting artists whose practices engage issues of mental health and wellness. Whether in a doctor’s office, at home, or in public spaces, these artists center the process of taking care of others through conversation and collective action and address the connections between physical, social, and spiritual well-being. Though distinct in their approaches, each of these projects affirms the important role art can play in the creation and support of healthier, more caring communities.

“Mutual Support” includes works by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh; Saul Robbins; Rachel Wallis; Evan Falbaum; and residents of Shreveport, Louisiana, under the direction of Nick Cave. Each Saturday during the exhibition, Pelican Bomb Gallery X is home to a pop-up wellness center conceived by Robbins, offering free, one-on-one listening and activity sessions with artists and health professionals working across disciplines. Sign up for a 15-minute appointment here or in the gallery.

This exhibition is organized by Pelican Bomb. In conjunction with “Mutual Support,” Pelican Bomb’s Art Review features a thematic series of reviews, essays, interviews, and digital artist projects to expand the conversation.

Special thanks to Fujifilm for their support and to West Elm New Orleans for generously providing furniture.

  • “Mutual Support”

    - Exhibition

    Our new exhibition at Pelican Bomb Gallery X explores mental health, wellness, care, and collectivity.

    A still from Director Evan Falbaum’s _As Is by Nick Cave_ (2016). Courtesy the artist.
  • Opening Reception: “Mutual Support”

    - Reception

    Our new exhibition exploring wellness and care opens Friday, March 10, at Pelican Bomb Gallery X.

    A photograph by Saul Robbins. Courtesy the artist and Pelican Bomb, New Orleans.
  • Free Listening Sessions: “How Can I Help? - An Artful Dialogue?”

    - Workshop

    Sign up for a free, confidential 15-minute listening or activity session with an artist or other health professional.

    A photograph by Saul Robbins. Courtesy the artist.
  • A Conversation with Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

    - Talk

    Artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh leads a conversation about equity, healing, and wellness for women of color.

    Installation view of Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s _A Solace with My Mama_, 2017, at Pelican Bomb Gallery X, New Orleans. Six graphite-on-paper drawings and an audio file. Courtesy the artist and Pelican Bomb, New Orleans. Photo by Jonathan Traviesa.
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