"Locally Sourced" Exhibition in Washington, DC

Pelican Bomb sends 44 artists, representing four New Orleans organizations, to "Locally Sourced," an exhibition focused on Community Supported Art and Flat File programs around the country.

Artemis Antippas' _Chicken (America)_ is available for purchase via the Pelican Bomb [CSA](http://shop.pelicanbomb.com/product/chicken-america).

Artemis Antippas' Chicken (America) is available for purchase via the Pelican Bomb CSA.

Presented by Washington, DC-based Transformer, "Locally Sourced" provides an in-depth look at the extensive collections of six regionally focused CSA (Community Supported Art) and Flat File programs that seek to grow recognition and support for artists in their communities. Much like Community Supported Agriculture, in which shareholders invest in a local farm and receive a monthly payout of fruits and vegetables, the CSA programs in "Locally Sourced" support artists in their communities by connecting shareholders directly to the artists. The featured Flat File programs in "Locally Sourced" also seek audiences to invest directly in the arts community with a "buy local" mentality, developing evolving collections of prints and other works on paper that highlight artists in their regions. "Locally Sourced" features over 200 works and multiples in a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, hand silk-screens, digital prints, photography, collage, sculpture, video, and more.

"Locally Sourced" highlights works from: Artist Curated Projects (Los Angeles, CA), Brooklyn Community Supported Art + Design (Brooklyn, NY), Cannonball (Miami, FL), Pelican Bomb (New Orleans), Threewalls (Chicago), and Transformer (DC).

Pelican Bomb submitted pieces by 44 artists, representing four local organizations to Transformer. Works will be on display at the American University Museum in Washington, DC through March 15.