Pelican Bomb Teams Up with Line 58 Branding and Web Design

As Pelican Bomb has grown, our messaging and web needs have changed. We worked with Line 58 Branding and Web Design to build a new brand identity and a dynamic, user-friendly website.

Pelican Bomb’s new branding, created in collaboration with Line 58, a New Orleans branding and web design company, was designed to not only establish us as a leading contemporary art resource for New Orleans, but also to make it easy for artists and the community to understand the various things we do.

“As a platform for supporting local artists and building greater awareness of their works, Pelican Bomb is unique," says Executive Director & Founding Editor, Cameron Shaw. "The issue we faced has always been communicating what we are because we do so many things. We needed a more succinct, more focused branding message.”

Working closely with Line 58, Pelican Bomb sought to create a website that is easy to understand and simple to navigate, while also being a beautiful place to read and learn.

Geoff Coats, Owner/Creative Director of Line 58 Branding and Web Design adds, "We were thrilled when Pelican Bomb approached us about collaborating on their new brand and website. The work they were doing was fantastic but their previous website prevented people from understanding the full scope and quality of their work. We saw an opportunity to more than just give them a new look. We saw real potential to move the organization forward via strategic design decisions that would clarify Pelican Bomb's innovative approach. Amanda and Cameron were thoughtful and passionate clients, which allowed us to push ourselves and Pelican Bomb to the next level."

The result is a new brand that is both contemporary and accessible to audiences. The cornerstone of the branding, our new website, is enhanced through messaging and content that facilitates understanding of Pelican Bomb and our programs. It is now easier than ever to see how Pelican Bomb builds greater awareness of contemporary art in New Orleans and how you can get involved.