Collection: Exhibition Pick

Exhibition Pick: Kevin Jerome Everson

Charlie Tatum visits PARSE NOLA’s exhibition of short films by Kevin Jerome Everson at Engine Room Art + Projects.

Exhibition Pick: Ryn Wilson

Charlie Tatum visits Ryn Wilson’s current show at The Front, where she explores the power of myth-making.

Exhibition Pick: Kaori Maeyama

Benjamin Morris visits Kaori Maeyama’s exhibition at Staple Goods, where the artist is showing her delicate paintings created with printmaking rollers.

Exhibition Pick: Ben Depp

At A Gallery for Fine Photography, Myles Poydras looks at Ben Depp’s aerial photographs documenting ecological changes in South Louisiana.

Exhibition Pick: “Go ____ Yourself”

Dillon Raborn contemplates how queer identity is represented in an open-call exhibition organized by a Baton Rouge-based arts and culture publication.

Exhibition Pick: Peter Hoffman

Nora Kovacs looks at Peter Hoffman’s new paintings, which use catalogues, record covers, and advertisements as source material.

Exhibition Pick: “Sin Título”

Shauna Werner visits a two-part exhibition presenting a cross section of contemporary Mexican art.

Exhibition Pick: “Self/Reflection”

Dillon Raborn visits an exhibition at the St. Tammany Art Association in Covington of works from the collection of the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Laura Palmer Lives: “A David Lynch-Inspired Group Show” at Arrow Cafe

Brooke Sauvage visits a coffee-shop exhibition of art celebrating director David Lynch’s return to television.

Exhibition Pick: “Beyond the Canvas: Contemporary Art from Puerto Rico”

Charlie Tatum visits the Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane University’s latest exhibition, which presents the work of five Puerto Rico–based artists.

Exhibition Pick: Philip Gould

Ashley L. Voss visits Philip Gould’s recent exhibition at LeMieux Galleries, which includes photographs of abandoned nightclubs and dance halls in South Louisiana.

Exhibition Pick: Luis Cruz Azaceta

Sarah Schacht looks at how Luis Cruz Azaceta addresses sociopolitical issues through his abstract paintings.

Exhibition Pick: Peter Sarkisian

Marjorie Rawle looks at Peter Sarkisian’s experimental take on video in his current show at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery.

Exhibition Pick: Kenneth Josephson

Allison Glenn looks at the ways Kenneth Josephson highlights often overlooked details. “Photography Is,” a survey of his work, is on view at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Exhibition Pick: David Thomas Colannino

Marjorie Rawle unpacks the way David Thomas Colannino’s solo show at The Front questions the ways history is told.

Exhibition Pick: Ken Tate

Ashley L. Voss looks at how Ken Tate uses paint and found imagery to critique the commercial fashion industry in his exhibition at Steve Martin Fine Art.

Exhibition Pick: Joshua Edward Bennett

Mara Hussey looks at the unique visual language of Joshua Edward Bennett’s current exhibition at Good Children Gallery.

Exhibition Pick: Jill Stoll

Jacob Kiernan visits Jill Stoll’s large-scale installation at AIA New Orleans, which shows the interconnectivity of architecture and collage.

Exhibition Pick: Lorna Williams

Ashley L. Voss looks at Lorna Williams’ sculptures, on view at Barrister’s Gallery, that draw on the body for inspiration.

Exhibition Pick: “Louisiana Contemporary”

Jacob Kiernan highlights his favorites from the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s annual juried exhibition.

Exhibition Pick: James L. Hayes

Ashley L. Voss looks at James L. Hayes’ current exhibition at UNO St. Claude Gallery, which takes a close look at the process of bronze sculptural casting.

Exhibition Pick: “The Essence of Things: Design and the Art of Reduction”

Charlie Tatum reflects on the function of objects at the New Orleans Museum of Art’s first exhibition of Modern design.

Exhibition Pick: Scott Andresen

Jacob Kiernan places Scott Andresen’s recent collages, currently on view at Good Children Gallery, in a long history of carefully repairing broken and worn household items.

Exhibition Pick: Madeleine Wieand

Ashley L. Voss looks at a recent series of works by Madeleine Wieand, currently on view at The Front, and thinks about how we make sense of our memories.

Exhibition Pick: Vanessa Centeno

Ann Hackett visits Vanessa Centeno’s solo show at The Front and reflects on the vicissitudes of summer.

Exhibition Pick: “Women of Newcomb”

Ann Hackett reflects on a history of female mentorship that’s being celebrated in an exhibition at Tulane University’s Newcomb Art Museum.

Exhibition Pick: “Art Hysterical”

Maricela Murillo visits an exhibition at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery that turns art history on its head.

Exhibition Pick: William “Willie” White at the Creative Alliance of New Orleans

Megan Koza Young looks at an exhibition that’s drawing attention to a self-taught artist who lived and worked in Central City.

Exhibition Pick: Maxx Sizeler and Frahn Koerner

Benjamin Morris visits two alumni shows, by artists Maxx Sizeler and Frahn Koerner, at UNO St. Claude Gallery.

Pick: “Creep Cuts”

Bonnie Gabel reflects on a performance at the Theatre at St. Claude that challenges our perceptions of drag.

Exhibition Pick: Jim Richard and Friends

Micaela Frank reflects on the ways that Jim Richard’s exhibition at Arthur Roger Gallery connects his work with that of his former students.

Exhibition Pick: Malcolm Lightner

Brooke Schueller visits an exhibition that documents the swamp-buggy subculture of South Florida.

Exhibition Pick: Meg Turner

Megan Koza Young visits Meg Turner’s current exhibition at Scott Edwards Gallery, which documents the present with historic photographic processes.

Exhibition Pick: Jessie Vogel and Nat & Veronica

Bonnie Gabel visits a performance and exhibition at The Front that asks us to take a second look at our surroundings.

Exhibition Pick: Mitchell Lonas

Benjamin Morris looks at Mitchell Lonas’ current exhibition at Callan Contemporary, which evokes the mesmerizing shapes of starlings in flight.

Exhibition Pick: Kathleen Ariatti Banton

Taylor Murrow visits an exhibition of works by Kathleen Ariatti Banton, who takes inspiration from the topography of New Orleans.

Exhibition Pick: Miro Hoffmann

Brooke Schueller visits an exhibition by Miro Hoffmann that asks viewers to get their hands dirty.

Exhibition Pick: Jacqueline Humphries

Charlie Tatum visits Jacqueline Humphries’ solo show at the Contemporary Arts Center, which features two recent bodies of work.

Exhibition Pick: Michael Meads

Laurence Ross visits Michael Meads’ solo exhibition at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, which carouses through a world of sex, death, and religion.

Exhibition Pick: Abdi Farah

Julien Burns looks at Abdi Farah’s solo exhibition at Staple Goods, which anticipates the pageantry of Super Bowl 50 and Fat Tuesday.

Exhibition Pick: Aron Belka

Benjamin Morris visits Aron Belka’s exhibition at LeMieux Galleries documenting southeastern Louisiana’s fishing communities.

Exhibition Pick: “7 on 7”

Jacob Kiernan visits a group exhibition at Antenna that explores the seven heavenly virtues and seven deadly sins.

Exhibition Pick: “An Architect and His City: Henry Howard’s New Orleans, 1837-1884”

An exhibition at the Historic New Orleans Collection documents the changing city over the course of an architect’s prolific career.

Exhibition Pick: Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman at Martine Chaisson Gallery

Brooke Sauvage visits an exhibition that reimagines Carleton Watkins’ nineteenth-century photographs as sugar-coated landscapes.