CONVERGENCE: An Interdisciplinary Mixer

This is a past event
Contemporary Arts Center
900 Camp Street
New Orleans LA 70130
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Shawn Hall and PearlDamour invite artists to learn about their project How to Build a Forest.

CONVERGENCE brings artists of different disciplines into the same room to learn about the upcoming How to Build a Forest. The eight-hour performance installation, in which Shawn Hall and PearlDamour assemble and disassemble an elaborate simulated forest, will be presented at the Contemporary Arts Center October 26 though 29, 2015.

CONVERGENCE will begin with a 15-minute presentation about How to Build a Forest and the ways many artists can get involved. The evening will then offer an opportunity for artists to share information about their work of different disciplines. Attendees are encouraged to bring their portfolio or laptop with access to slides, videos, or their website.