Call for Submissions: The Loving Festival

This is a past event

The New Orleans Loving Festival is now accepting artwork and short film submissions for participation in the "Mixed Message.5" exhibition.

The 5th Annual New Orleans Loving Festival is seeking original artwork and short films with themes concerning race, racism, and the multiracial experience for a juried group exhibition on view June 12 - July 6 at Press Street's Antenna Gallery.

Art submissions must include artist bio or resume, high-resolution photo(s) of the artwork, and a description including the title, size, medium, and the year the artwork was produced. Artwork created before 2012 should not be submitted for consideration. Short film submissions must include an artist bio or resume, a film synopsis, and a web link or screener DVD to preview the film. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, April 26, 2015.

The Loving Festival is also hosting an essay contest open to middle and high school students in the Greater New Orleans area, who are ages 18 or younger at time of submission. The deadline for essay submissions is Tuesday, March 31.

For more information visit Charitable Film Network. And check out Benjamin Morris' review from last year's Loving Festival group exhibition, "Mixed Message.4".


Artist Deadline