Call for Submissions: The Crusade Engagement Grant

This is a past event

The Crusade Engagement Grant invites photographers and creative organizers to submit ideas by April 17.

The Crusade Engagement Grant provides funding to develop and implement innovative and effective ways to connect audiences to photography. Applicants are invited to present projects that focus on creating demand for photography and provide a concrete plan to create one-to-one connections between the photographer and the audience. Any single photographer, project organizer, or group of artists 18 years or older is eligible to apply. There is no limit to the number of project ideas an individual can submit, however, each project must be submitted in a separate application.

The deadline for the initial application is April 17. To create an account and submit your project idea for the 2015 Crusade Engagement Grant, click here. All applicants must pay a $25 submission fee.


Artist Deadline